Pricing of the API Access to text spinning tools spin your texts from anywhere.

We do not offer paid access to our Web API and use this site feature only for own needs

Although on this page we will provide you with the information about a few services which will be glad to sell you an API access

Here below we will shortly describe and provide pricing for two of those we used and know they are good

As you may know, the Free Tools Network (us) manages multiple websites, so we cannot pay all our attention to the promotion of one small tool. Since this, we decided to stop selling the API access to our multilingual article rewriter. As the pricing tables remain, we also decided to use them to visualise third-party text-spinning tools that provide paid API access to their services. The first one we will write about is, probably, well-known for the Internet community Paraphraser.IO. So we begin.

What is Paraphraser.IO?

According to our Domainator's WHOIS Lookup Tool, this website was founded in October 2020. We started using this service not far from its creation date (at the beginning of 2021). It is well-designed and fast-working. And what was extremely great – as it was young there were no annoying ads and no Ad-blocker detector (a kind of this on Codecanyon). OK, we will not write a lot here, as all you need to know about Paraphraser.IO features you can find on their website.

Paraphraser.IO Web API Pricing



  • 20,000 Queries
    (1 Query = 100 Words)
  • 5000 Characters Per Request
  • All Modes Supported
  • Human Quality Content
  • AI-powered Paraphraser



  • 240,000 Queries
    (1 Query = 100 Words)
  • 5000 Characters Per Request
  • All Modes Supported
  • Human Quality Content
  • AI-powered Paraphraser

Paraphraser.IO also offers online plans for those who don't have a website or software to use it's Web API.

Second amazing tool with Web API access that we would like to introduce you is ChimpRewriter. We find it very cool because it offers an offline version, so you can install this software to your PC. More of it, you can try ChimpRewriter for free!. And, at last, you can not only get a personal monthly plan but also work in teams using the downloadable version or your own (e.g. rewrite using a WordPress plugin)

ChimpRewriter Web API Pricing



  • 3000 Credits per month



  • 7500 Credits per month



  • 15000 Credits per month



  • 120000 Credits per month

In conclusion

The Paraphraser.IO is much more versatile and offers additional tools, but since ChimpRewriter is a highly specialized instrument, it has more trained AI-rewriter and is a bit cheaper.