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Our Online Article Rewriter can be accessed using Web API, so you can easily automate your spinning process. If you are a developer, you can scroll a little bit down to see usage examples or to the "Let us start" section, as the following paragraph is addressed to ordinary users. On this page, we will provide you with a complete description of API usage and its integration with your website (including files for download).

What is Web API?

The API is a key, that allows different services to communicate. One of these services asks questions, another sends answer data to the first. If in the process of integration something went wrong or the API key is not valid, the second service will send an error to the asked question. The Web API function is widely used in different cloud and offline software. For example, it is used when the program, installed on your PC asks if the license is valid and how it has to behave: provide you with full, limited access or display a pop-up message. Talking about cloud software, API is used, for example, in eCommerce and Movie websites for payments processing: when you go to checkout and enter your credentials. the website sends them to the enquirer and bank to check if there are no limitations, you're allowed to pay for your order and to withdraw money from your card.

In our case, after integration to your website or app, the questions from your side will look like "Here is some text in Spanish, can you please rewrite it for me?". And the answers will look like: "Sure, mate! Already done! Here is your rewritten and unique content! Enjoy!" or "I am very sorry, but you have already used all your quota, but I will continue spinning after you purchase more spins or a new subscription plan", else "Unfortunately your subscription expired, so I cannot spin the article for you as for now. Please, visit Spin Me Round Tools website's Pricing page and buy some spins/subscription plan (or ask for the new API Key) so we can spend our time together"*.
* Since January, 1, 2023 we do not provide this service. But provide information about who does. Thus if you want to rewrite articles with API, go to our API Pricing page and read where to get a cheap key.

Of course, the system is not a human and the answers will differ from these. But as we suppose that the reader is an ordinary user, we decided not to paste the code part here but to explain it as human to human. To see the code part with an explanation of the integration process and download some files for your website/software, please keep reading and you will see that part on this page too.

Some examples of using our Article Rewriter API

(for WordPress users)

As WordPress is probably the most popular and versatile CMS in the World, here we will provide some examples of using our Web API with different plugins. Implement these examples in your daily online activity and increase your productivity (as well as earnings). So we begin:
1. If you are a video blogger with a Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion/Twitch channel, you probably use Video Blog Auto Poster WordPress Plugins Bundle or a similar. When you integrate our Spin Me Round Article Spinner Web API your posts (grabbed from your channel or sent to it from your website) will become 100% unique so you will get more visitors to both of your resources,
2. In case you are an SMM Agency, manager or simply have a lot of pages on different social media, you may use a Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugins Bundle or a similar to schedule and automate posting to all of your pages. Posting the same text to all the pages is not a good idea because they will not be unique and will not attract a lot of visitors to your social media. Using our Article Rewriter with API Access will fix this problem, save your time for manual rewriting and make your work more effective,
3. If you are a microblogger on such a website as plurk.com, probably you use such a plugin as Plurkomatic - Plurk Auto Poster or something like this. With our Web API, you will become more successful as you will be able to rewrite microposts in just one click and increase your productivity by hundreds of percents,
4. Very active Linkedin users usually have to automate the work process using Linkedinomatic Auto Poster WordPress Plugin for LinkedIn or similar tools. Not to write a new post or an article each time and to keep all of that 100% unique, they can integrate our Web API with WordPress, sit back and see as the work is being done by itself (almost, of course),
5. Blogspot bloggers who use Blogspotomatic Automatic Post Generator and Blogspot Auto Poster WordPress Plugin will be happy with our Web API. As most bloggers write a lot on a daily basis (if they don't combine blogging with freelance writing), write thousands of words and it is very useful to get a fresh idea or totally rewrite a part of the text. Spin Me Round Article Rewriter API is the answer to the question of how to increase productivity and become a happy person.
6. If you have an eCommerce website on WordPress and are affiliated with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress and others, you probably have installed the Affiliate Auto Poster WordPress Plugins Bundle. By integrating our Article Rewriter Web API you will be able to post more products at once and get a much greater income. This will also work excellently if you cooperate with Affiliate Network (such as ShareAsale or MyLead) and your publishing resource is applied by one or some highly specialized eCommerce merchants. In this case, you probably use Newsomatic - Automatic News Post Generator WorpPress Plugin or a similar one.

This is only a part of the examples we can provide. You can check how many plugins can provide WordPress users with new opportunities. To see a list of auto-posting plugins please click here: See all plugins. Either you can check how many PHP scripts are pre-developed for such use: See all Scripts. As you understand, using Article Rewriter Web API in combination with such tools will slightly increase productivity and save time, so you will be free to spend your time for travelling, swimming or anything else. The following part of this page will explain to you how to order and integrate Web API with your website, app or offline software. But if you don't feel strong enough to do this by yourself, you should hire professional developers for WordPress or Magento integration.

Let us start

How this works:

1. Pay as you go or get a Subscription Plan (See our Text Spinner API Pricing and payment details).

2. After we receive the payment, you will get API key on provided email address.

3. Integrate Spin Me Round Service requests into your website or application.

4. Sit back and let Article Spinning Tool work for you. All day, every day.

NOTE! When you run out of Spins or your Subscription expires, we'll give you a new API key on your next purchase (or if you'll provide us your existing key we will top up your spinning balance).

Operation: To Spin with API (explained)


Url: http://spin.bboooster.com/api.php
Http Method: POST
Data: Request object with following properties listed below

Name Description
api_key The API key that was sent to your email after your purchase.
article The data you send us to spin.
lang The language of the data to be spinned. Codes: en (English), fr (French), ge (German), du (Dutch), sp (Spanish), tr (Turkish) and in (Indonesian).


As a response to sent request, a human readable, SEO friendly and unique content will be generated. But if there was an error, you will receive one or several of the next strings: any of them following message.

Error Response:

Name Description
No API Key The API key not inserted in the request
API key not exists Your API key was deleted by website administrator
Word count exceeded the limit You have exceeded the word count limit set to your API by site administrator.
You have reached the limit You spent all Pack spins and have to purchase a new one.
Oh no, API key is expired Your Subscriprion Plan is over and you have to purchase a new one

API Sample:

You have to implement a PHP code to send Spin Me Round Article Rewriter API Request and display the received results on a web page:

Download PHP Sample

Either you can use C# to send a standard Article Spinner API 'spin' Request (despite this is a simple console app, it can be adapted to ASP.NET MVC):

Download C# Sample