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On this page, we will try to answer a very wide range of questions about our Free Spin Me Round: Online Article Rewriter Tool by Business Booster Agency. Most of these questions were asked by customers and visitors through the form on the Contact page, others were generated by us based on what may be a point of your interest. Reading out all the text on this page will make you clear how this Text Spinner Online Tool works and what are your benefits from using it (as well as our Free Tools Network websites at all). These FAQs are structured by us before publishing so similar are displayed one after another.

Questions and Answers

about Free Spin Me Round Tools by BBA

Does this text spinner change words to synonyms or does it change word order?

This tool picks random synonyms from our database. The word order stays as it was in the original text.

If I will spin the output text many times if all words will be rewritten as original text?

This depends on the number of words in your text. Despite we have a huge synonyms database, the possibility to rewrite it back to the original will stay greater if the input text was a tiny one (10 words input = more chances; 144-word article = near 0% chances).

What should I do to get the best output result from your online article rewriter?

You have just to place your text in the window, enter the captcha and click on the Spin button, You may get the best matching result after the first spin, otherwise, you will have to spin many times - it's up to you. Read the text after it was rewritten and decide if this is your desired output. If not, place your text in the window, enter the captcha and click on the Spin button,

Does your cloud text spinner have any limitations for use?

Yes, the online article rewriter has a word-per-input limitation. But nobody is limited to the number of spins. As well our API can be used without any limitation to word input or spin requests.

What is the word-per-input limit in text spinner online use?

This limitation is set to 150 words per spin,

Why do you limit an article per spin size?

We set this word limitation for article spinning to harden plagiarists' life. Such a 150-word limit is not a problem for writers or business owners as these visitor categories usually come here to rewrite a small part of the text or a single paragraph.

What do I have to do if I need to rewrite big texts?

If you need to spin long articles there are two ways: (1) You have to insert it into the Spinning window part by part and (2) You have to integrate our Web API to your website, app or installed to PC software and then purchase the desired Spin Pach or a Subscription Plan on our API Pricing page of this website.

Can I implement your text spinner API by myself or I will need help (is the integration process easy)?

This depends on your PHP development skills. At the bottom of the API page, you can download sample files. The integration of our Web API is quite an easy process, but, of course, if you are a humanitarian without and never dealt with web development, you should write with this enquiry to professional developers,

What is that API and how can I benefit from using this option?

Generally, API is a very featured and useful thing that can provide you with lots of benefits. If you heard about API for the first time in your life, you should visit this page and read out the top paragraph with its simple-words-explanation. To understand how many benefits you can get from using our text spinner API you can scroll down the mentioned page to the section named "Some examples of using our Article Rewriter API"

I am interested in using your Article Spinner with Web API, can you suggest if it is better to purchase a Spin Pack or a Subscription Plan instead?

This depends on how often you need to rewrite articles and how many requests you are going to send us daily/weekly/monthly. If not much, then you'd better purchase a 100 Spins Pack as this is the cheapest option and will help you to understand your needs. After you're out of these spins you will be ready to pick the right decision if you need a bigger Pack or if the Subscription Plan will be the best option for your online activity, 

Where can I get a non-WordPress automation plugin (I use Magento CMS)? In the paragraph with examples of using Spin Me Round Article Rewriter API, you provide links to WordPress plugins only

Do you provide a new Web API key or just change the limits for the existing one? I already have yor text spinning tool Web API and want to know if I will have to make any changes to my files and/or plugin settings after I purchase more spins.

This is up to you. But to increase spinning limits or change the subscription expiry date of your existing Web API key, before you buy new spins or subscriprion, you have to provide us the API key and email (it must match the one you provide on payment processing page) so we could instantly edit your quota.

Hard to say as we don't use Magento CMS on any of our websites. But on the same website, we filtered all of the present Magento items for you. By the way, there you will find many more useful things, simply use the search bar and filters.

Do you have a page on social media? I visited many of your tool websites and haven't met any social icon (but that to share)

When we will create one, the icon (pixel) will be added to our websites instantly. But as our priorities are (1) to serve our Agency's customers and (2) to develop and maintain Free Tools Network websites, we don't have even a free minute to write posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc or examine SMM-manager who could maintain this part of Business Booster Agency's activity, Please, stay tuned and you will be informed when we run a page on any social media.

Do you have a blog where I can read some articles? I really like your writing style!

Thank you for your warm words, Yes, we have standalone blogs as well as most of the websites of our Free Tools Network have their own blog pages with various articles. To see all our websites and easily surf through our Network, please visit and keep an eye on the All Tools Website as well as you can register an account on our Free URL Shortener site (after signing up you get an Always Free Plan), as we publish announcements for our members.